A new era of DJ Lighting .

Fast Setup. Less cables. Simplicity. Endless Possibilities.

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Why Altrice ?

  • No computer required. And less cables.

    Forget the setup hassle, enjoy the extreme simplicity of the live interface and focus on your mix.

  • Easily organize your lighting scenes.

    When using "Mix Mode", Altrice app only brings up the controls you truly need. Trigger a storm with a press of a button !

  • Endless Possibilities

    So that you can make the most out of your existing lighting gear, the app will constantly be updated to offer even more possibilities.

How it works ?

Our iPad app connects wirelessly to the Altrice Controller module which then dispatches your commands to the different lighting fixtures, either wirelessly through the Altrice Receiver modules or through wired DMX loops. Overall latency is very low and the typical range is around 200 meters.

Main Features

  • Reliable Wireless Connectivity

    To spare you setup time, we've implemented efficient 2.4G wireless communication in the Altrice modules.

  • Battery Powered

    Both the Altrice Controller and the Altrice Receivers are powered with a 15h rechargeable battery.

  • Seamless Reconnections

    When the iPad loses connection or goes to sleep, the current lighting state is not affected (no blackout).


Seeing is Believing.

Discover how Altrice behaves in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my lighting equipment compatible with the Altrice ?

The Altrice works with any DMX equipped lighting fixture. You can find out whether your fixture can be controlled through the DMX protocol by looking at its input / output connections. The DMX port is a 3 or 5 PIN round port.

How does the app communicate with my lighting fixtures ?
When you buy an Altrice Kit, you get a main Controller module which communicates with the iPad using Bluetooth. You also get one Receiver module which you have to plug in one of your fixture's DMX IN port. The Controller Module communicates with the different receivers wirelessly through a long range protocol. You can either use one Receiver and link your fixtures with DMX cables or multiple Receivers.
Can I plug multiple fixtures into the same receiver ?
Of course ! If you want you can use only one receiver and plug in multiple fixtures with a standard DMX loop like shown here.
Which tablets are compatible with the App ?
For the moment, the app is compatible with all Apple iPads except iPad 1 and iPad 2. iOS 9.3 is required.
Where can I buy the Altrice ? How much does it cost ?
You can check out the cost and order the Altrice on the secured Altrice online store here, we ship worldwide.
Can I buy the Altrice in ?
We do not have any resellers yet in but we do ship to this city. For now you can only buy it on our website. Check out our online store here.
What's the range of the Altrice ?
Expect 20m range between the iPad and the Controller module, and 300m range between the Controller module and each of the air modules.
Is the Altrice battery powered ?
Yes, each module is powered by a 2000mAh battery which makes 15 hours operating time.
How many DMX channels can be controlled by one Controller ?
For the moment, the Altrice Controller and Receivers support 512 DMX channels (one universe).
Who can I get in touch with if I have more questions ?
Feel free to contact Thibaud, our sales rep, at thibaud@altrice.com !
Velgo Contenu

About Us.

Behind Altrice is a team of DJs / Engineers who happen to feel fascinated by light in all its forms.
Music is what matters most to us, but we believe well handled lighting can truly enhance a party and make a huge difference.
If you wish to know more about Altrice, feel free to e-mail us at support@altrice.com!
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